Seven ways you made an impact in 2023

With your support, we’re ending 2023 with meaningful impact for people with GI cancer – including the 34,291 people diagnosed in Australia just this year alone – by making treatments not only better, but easier to access.

Have a look at what we’ve achieved together.

1. Three new trials opened this year

  • VADER is exploring the effectiveness of a new combination of treatments for metastatic colorectal cancer. The study includes both a clinical trial and a translational research component, and was helped brought to life by community funding.
  • ACME ABC is evaluating the potential benefits of routine, comprehensive molecular profiling for patients with advanced biliary cancer. Best of all – you helped fund this study!
  • iLSTA is a single-blind study determining the safety and tolerability of a new combination of treatments for locally advanced pancreatic cancer.


2. Three new studies funded

In a massive community win, your staunch support has funded three new studies:

  • STOPNET is aiming to improve quality of life for patients with neuroendocrine tumours, saving them time, energy and resources at the most vulnerable time of their lives.
  • A NEO-IMPACT translational substudy is exploring the role of the gut microbiome in the pancreatic cancer journey.
  • STING is aiming to determine if a novel biomarker could impact the response of a patient with gastroesophageal cancer to treatment.


3. NEO-IMPACT reaches 75% target enrolment

NEO-IMPACT, led by Professor Lorraine Chantrill, is our first trial to be entirely funded by community and philanthropy. It aims to determine if having immunotherapy before surgery will improve outcomes for people with pancreatic cancer. NEO-IMPACT is planning to complete recruitment by June 2024.

“It means the world to us that we have the support and trust of the GI cancer community. Thank you so much.”

— Professor Lorraine Chantrill, Chair, GI Cancer Institute


4. The GI Cancer Institute goes global

Our clinical trials INTEGRATE IIa, PALEO and ASCEND featured at world-leading cancer research meetings held by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, drawing the attention of clinicians from all over the globe.


5. $177,000 raised in Gutsy Challenge adventures and community events

Through two Blue Mountains treks in New South Wales, Australia, the Crater Rim trek in Aotearoa New Zealand and many more community events raising awareness, a whopping $177,000 was raised this year for life-changing GI cancer research. Thank you to everyone who fundraised and took part in these wonderful treks!


6. A new pancreatic cancer awareness campaign

With your support, a new pancreatic cancer awareness campaign has recently landed in GPs’ offices all over the country. The campaign aims to put pancreatic cancer front of mind for GPs and everyone coming in for a visit, increasing the chances of early detection.


7. More than 800 Australians enrolled on colorectal cancer trial

The DYNAMIC-III clinical trial is our largest trial, enrolling more than its target number of patients. In total, 1,040 people from Australia and Canada joined the study. Reaching this milestone means that this clinical trial can benefit the maximum number of people possible.


Thank you for your incredible support in 2023!

The GI Cancer Institute team