St Johns Primary School Frankston

St John’s Brings Colour to the Gutsy Challenge

St. John’s Primary School in Frankston, Victoria, has taken up the Gutsy Challenge for GI cancer research.

The Catholic school went all-out to organise a special multi-coloured dress day, held in conjunction with its Challenge. Students were encouraged to dress up in the colours of their favourite fruit, adding some additional flavour to the day. They came dressed in red, yellow, green and orange to brighten up the classroom.

Teacher John Downie said he was happy to get on board with the Gutsy Challenge: “I think it’s a wonderful promotion, and a great way to teach children about the importance of healthy eating.”

St. John’s took the extra measure of allowing students to devise their own meal plans. The school let students of one class, 5/6D, take the reins for the Gutsy Challenge – which asks participants to consume four serves of fruit and two serves of vegetables a day, for one week.

John Downie said the idea was to put the responsibility in the children’s hands: “We didn’t want to force this down the children’s throats. The best thing we can do to promote healthy eating in the long-term is allow the students to adopt healthy eating habits in a manner which suits them.

“We received a lot of positive feedback from parents, some reporting that their children’s attitude towards fruit and vegetables changed drastically during the challenge.”

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