Welcome to our community stories. Here you will find stories about people from our community - people who have been diagnosed with Gastro-Intestinal cancer and their families, as well as stories about our gutsy fundraisers who have committed their time and energy to raise much needed funds for GI cancer. For more information about any of our community stories please contact us on 1 300 666 769 or email


Jeanette Lau Gooey

How does teamwork relate to cancer? What makes a winning team? Trivia Nights are all about groups of friends, families or workmates getting together and pooling their knowledge in an attempt to outdo competing teams and win. When I asked a group of my friends to come to the Trivia Night, I... Read More

Getting Gutsy Again

Trish Lawler and Alison Winkelmeier faced their first Gutsy Challenge in 2017. They joined 15 other intrepid travellers for... Read More

Clare Kuzimski

Having promised herself that she would never compete in another run, Clare Kuzimski found herself drawn to this... Read More

John Paduano

Preparing for a week-long trek through the beautiful Leeuwin Naturaliste Park in Western Australia for a week is... Read More