The 2024 Anal Cancer Idea Generation Workshop

Launched in 2019, our Idea Generation Workshop serves as a platform to elevate ideas and encourage participants to offer constructive advice, as well as ways of improving the proposed ideas. The workshops enable us to deliver on our strategic goals to accelerate the pace of discovery and connect researchers, especially early career researchers. It is an excellent opportunity for members to get involved, share their embryonic ideas for feedback from AGITG leaders and experts, and help develop our research pipeline.

Our seventh Idea Generation Workshop was held virtually on 17 May 2024 and facilitated seamlessly by Associate Professor Puma Sundaresan (Radiation Oncologist) and Dr Michelle Thomas (Colorectal Surgeon).

Nine exciting ideas addressing areas of unmet need in anal cancer treatment had been selected and were up for discussion on the day.

Participants were invited to consider the many aspects of the ideas presented, including potential impact, requirements to ensure its success, potential to become AGITG studies and more. They then voted on the level of enthusiasm for each idea.

Thank you to the convenors and all participants for making this another successful workshop.

A summary of our presenters and their ideas:

Idea 1: Presented by Dr Rachael Dodd

Adaptation Of A HPV Education Resource

Idea 2: Presented by Associate Professor Arend Merrie

Demographic Differences in HPV

Idea 3: Presented by Dr Dmitrii Shek

Deciphering multi-omic signatures associated with clinical outcomes of checkpoint blockade in anal cancer patients

Idea 4: Presented by Dr Glen Guerra

ctDNA informing treatment response in non-metastatic anal SCC

Idea 5: Presented by Dr Shane Fitzgerald, Co-Investigator Associate Professor Andrew Dean

Cemiplimab with Chemotherapy +/- Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Anal Cancer

Idea 6: Presented by Associate Professor Nick Clemons

PHOTOCHECK – Photodynamic Therapy with Checkpoint Inhibition for Elimination of Anal SCC

Idea 7: Presented by Professor Richard Hillman

Improving surveillance after anal SCC’: Evaluating the addition of a simple anal swab to improve survival following anal cancer treatment

Idea 8: Presented by Dr Reshi Suthakaran

AI-Based Image Recognition Model for High Resolution Anoscopy

Idea 9: Presented by Dr Lucienne Heath

Circumferential RFA ablation for the treatment of anal HSIL

Progressing the workshop ideas

Proceeding the workshop, the ideas presented will be developed further with the support of the Concept Development groups, before being presented to the Lower GI Working Party.

Upcoming workshops

We look forward to hosting our next Idea Generation Workshop: Early Phase Study Designs, at 9am AEST, Friday 16 May 2025.

Convenors: Dr Charlotte Lemech and Dr Abhijit Pal.

AGITG welcomes ideas that address:

  • Areas of unmet need in Early Phase Study Designs
  • Ideas for future clinical trials

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