The AGITG Mini-Preceptorship in Gastric Cancer

In response to feedback from trainees, the AGITG hosted an online Mini-Preceptorship in Gastric Cancer on Saturday 29th August 2020.

More than 50 trainees attended the one-day virtual workshop, the first of its kind held by the AGITG. The workshop was convened by Dr Sharon Pattison (Medical Oncologist, University of Otago) with Preceptors including Doctor Lorraine Chantrill (Medical Oncologist, Wollongong Hospital and AGITG Chair), Professor Trevor Leong (Radiation Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Associate Professor Cuong Duong (Surgeon, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), and Professor Alex Boussioutas (Translational Science, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre).

The exciting initiative covered surgical, radiation, medical oncology and translational science as aspects of study of gastric cancer. Our invited Preceptors nominated seminal publications in their field. 11 trainees were selected and allocated a paper to review and asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation. The Preceptors reviewed the presentations prior to the workshop. Three trainees were invited to prepare and present illustrative gastric cancer cases highlighting where the learned evidence could be used to assist decision-making.

All of the presentations were of such a high quality that a winner could not be chosen, and all 14 presenters were awarded with complimentary registrations to the 2021 AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting.

There was a great level of engagement and enthusiasm from all trainees and Preceptors and we look forward to hosting more virtual workshops in the future.

Feedback from the Mini-Preceptorship

“Thanks very much to all the organisers and preceptors! Excellent session. Zoom worked fantastically – more AGITG preceptorships please!” – M. Krasovitsky

 “Thank you for organising and to all the presenters! It has been a great session – very educational and worked well virtually!” – D. Zhou

 “Thanks to preceptors, presenters, Derrick (superstar!) and AGITG for a great day of learning!” – S. Subramaniam

 “Thank you all! Excellent presentations and discussions!” – T. Quah

 “Great work Derrick and the organisers! And to the preceptors for giving up your Saturday to teach us. Very worthwhile session!” – T. Krishnan


 With special thanks to Doctor Pattison, Doctor Chantrill, Doctor Mark McGregor and Doctor Derrick Siu for planning the workshop.