The future of the GI Cancer Institute

A message from Dr Lorraine Chantrill, Chair of the GI Cancer Institute.

Personally, I have a very strong family history of cancer. My mother and three of her sisters died before the age of 50. I feel very driven to change outcomes, not only because of my personal experience, but perhaps more so because of my experience in the clinic with patients with cancer. My work with the GI Cancer Institute means that I can say to someone, “Would you consider participating in this study, which may help us make a difference for the next person?”

In the current global health crisis, we are facing many new challenges. We are having to reduce the numbers of people coming to our cancer centres. We are consulting patients via phone or video call where possible. Through all this, we are focused on ensuring patient safety remains paramount and continuing our research in order to make a real difference to GI cancer outcomes in the future.

But while the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, I am looking to the future: we have lots of fantastic ideas for clinical studies, so that part is not a significant challenge. I don’t think we have a challenge in finding patients to participate in our studies. I don’t think we have a challenge with doing the study. Our biggest challenge will be funding.

Thanks to your support through fundraising, donating and spreading awareness, we can make breakthroughs in 2020 and beyond. I am confident that together we can continue to give hope to people with GI cancer.