The Idea Generation Workshop

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The first AGITG Idea Generation Workshop was held on Friday 21 June. Ten embryonic research ideas were presented and discussed throughout the day to determine the best direction for future research.

At the workshop, led by Convenors Professor Martin Stockler and Associate Professor Mustafa Khasraw, each idea was presented and the next steps for development were discussed with the group. The ideas that were selected had the potential to be developed into concepts.

The ideas covered treatments for rare cancers, including pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma. There were also ideas for quality of life studies, and addressing symptoms such as the skin toxicity associated with colorectal cancer treatment and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Julie Marker, a member of the AGITG Consumer Advisory Panel, presented an idea on behalf of fellow Consumer Advisory Panel member Brian Wall. This marked the first time consumers had presented a research idea to an Australian Cooperative Trials Group.

As well as verbal feedback, participants rated each of the ideas throughout the workshop. Those who were interested in particular ideas also volunteered to join Concept Development Groups to advance them further.

The ideas that are developed into research concepts can then be presented at the AGITG Upper and Lower GI Working Party Meetings for further progress.

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