Translational Research Model facilitates scientific research

‘Translating’ basic science discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic is vital to improving patient outcomes. To facilitate this crucial step in the research development process, AGITG has launched the Translational Research Model. This initiative will enable the flow of new research from the laboratory to the clinic by having access to valuable biological samples collected during prior AGITG trials.

Under this model, scientists conducting translational research can apply for access to biological samples from AGITG trials that have closed. A quarterly report is published which outlines the samples that are available – the latest report is available under the orange tab on this webpage.

Researchers are encouraged to submit an application requesting access to the samples listed on the report. The relevant Trial Management Committee will review the application and make a recommendation to AGITG. More information about the process is located here.

The Translational Research Model was established in line with AGITG’s Research Priorities, which include a commitment to think outside the box for new ideas for research. By facilitating scientific breakthroughs, new treatments can be brought to the clinic in the future.

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