Update from the Joint Working Party Meeting

The final AGITG Working Party of the year was held on November 2019 in Sydney, with over 60 attendees combining the Upper and Lower GI Working Parties.

Researchers presented updates on current AGITG trials, including:

The new concepts that were presented included four that had been progressed from the 2019 Idea Generation Workshop. The other concepts presented covered a range of tumour types and explored new surgical approaches, immunotherapy, ctDNA, and personalised medicine.

Representatives from the Cancer Research Economics Support Team and the Sydney Quality of Life Office reviewed concepts in terms of health economics and patient quality of life.

Thanks to the support from donors and the community for the GI Cancer Institute, meeting Convenor Dr Lorraine Chantrill announced that for the first time, three Innovation Fund grants of $200,000 would be awarded in 2020. This means that there will be two additional grants – in previous years, one $200,000 grant has been awarded.

The Upper and Lower GI Working Party meetings are held every two months throughout the year, with members representing the disciplines of medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, statistics, translational science, study coordination and allied health.

Find out more about developing your research concept through the Working Parties here.