Welcoming Erin Burgess as Communications Manager

Erin recently joined the AGITG and GI Cancer Institute as Communications Manager.

How did you come to work in communications?

After originally studying Exercise Science, I found my way into marketing while working at CareerOne (News Corp Australia). I was immediately excited at the prospect of a profession being both creative and analytical. I decided this was the right career for me so I volunteered to help the marketing team with campaigns and events, and started a Business (Marketing) degree part time. Shortly after, I moved permanently into the marketing team and never looked back!


Before joining the AGITG, what were your previous roles?

I have been lucky to work at some fantastic and varied companies in my career to date. After CareerOne, I moved to the property website Domain as a digital marketing specialist to establish their social media and content marketing strategies and programs. I then spent several years at a startup called, Nabo, a social network for neighbourhoods, where I ran their marketing, communications, community outreach and PR activities. After that, I looked after brand and commercial marketing campaigns at the head office of IKEA Australia, and most recently, I spent a year looking after my daughter Clara.


What attracted you to the role at the AGITG/GI Cancer Institute?

I was attracted to many things about this role, notably the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people with GI cancer. After meeting some of the team, I was excited at the prospect of joining because their passion for the cause, and knowledge and experience was obvious, and I knew I could not only help contribute to the team but also learn from everyone here as well.


How have you found the role of Communications Manager so far?

Well, COVID-19 has certainly made the first two months as Communications Manager interesting! After having only two weeks in the office, we started working from home but I have been grateful for the support of the team helping get me up to speed on everything GICI/AGITG. So far, I am incredibly impressed with the work that is happening and am enjoying getting to know each team member and contributing some of my knowledge and experience to existing programs of work.


What do you hope to achieve in the role?

My long-term aim in this role is to contribute to the overall organisation mission by growing our brand awareness, and better attracting, retaining and engaging with our members and donors. I am looking forward to working with the team on new projects over the coming months, including increasing our digital capabilities and exploring new initiatives such as webinars.