Welcoming Sukanya Sathyamurthie

Sukanya recently joined the AGITG and GI Cancer Institute as Clinical Trials Assistant. 

How did you come to work in research? 

My passion for science propelled me to pursue my Bachelor of medical science. Through this degree I gained the exposure and interest to have a career as a senior hospital scientist in pathology. Whilst I was working as a hospital scientist I completed my Master’s in international public health, which drove my interest in health promotion and research.

Before joining the AGITG, what were your previous roles? 

I started my career in microbiology at Royal North Shore Public Hospital and expanded my laboratory work into histology at a private pathology practice. In this practice I worked as a senior scientific officer for over 7 years. In this role I managed the day to day running of the laboratory and also trained and managed staff consisting of over 10 technical officers and scientific staff.

What attracted you to the role at the AGITG? 

My interest in research methods and my understanding of the importance of reliable and reproduceable data in health promotion as well as my clinical exposure to various types of cancers as a senior hospital scientist in histology.

What do you hope to achieve in the role? 

I wish to learn and expand my knowledge of clinical trials and how they are conducted. Be able to contribute to working on better treatments for GI cancer patients to improve their lives.