World Cancer Day 2020

Together, our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing the impact of cancer. Breakthroughs in cancer research are powered by people, and their passion for creating change.

Every day, Gastro-Intestinal (GI) cancer claims the lives of 38 Australians.

GI cancer is a term for the cancers that affect the digestive system. On average, a person diagnosed with a GI cancer has a 51% chance of living for more than five years after their initial diagnosis, although each person’s cancer and treatment is different depending on many factors including how advanced the cancer is, and which digestive organs it affects.

Helping people facing GI cancer

More people with GI cancer are being cured of their cancer, living longer or having a higher quality of life, as researchers have discovered new, more effective therapies. The five-year survival rates of all GI cancers are improving, thanks to the dedicated support of the community and cancer researchers.


The theme of World Cancer Day 2020, “I Am And I Will”, encourages people around the world to raise awareness around cancer and commit to create a cancer-free world. We want to share the stories of some of our researchers – people who have dedicated their lives to treating and studying GI cancer.

Associate Professor Nick Pavlakis

Dr Lorraine Chantrill

Professor Tim Price

Professor Desmond Yip

How you can get involved

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If you want to take the next step and raise awareness and funds for GI cancer research, find out more about fundraising for the GI Cancer Institute and taking on the Gutsy Challenge here:

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