Liza Harvey 129x147

Liza Harvey

When Liza’s husband Hal was first diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer, his wife, Liza, was Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister for Small Business in Western Australia. Her demanding job, however, did not stop the couple making the most of Hal’s remaining time. “We activated the bucket list,” she says.

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Jason Webb 129x151

Jason Webb

GI cancer is a very personal issue for Jason. His father and grandfather both passed away from oesophageal cancer and other family members experience Barret’s Oesophagus and reflux. “By raising funds for clinical trials,  maybe I can save my own life — or the lives of my children.”

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 Liam Wood 151x129

Liam, Mark and Cameron

On July 16th Liam Wood, Mark Sanders and Cameron O’Neil are banding together to play music and raise funds at Degani Diamond Creek in memory of Liam’s father, Cliff Wood who passed away from stomach cancer last year. He was 63 years old.

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Joel Reddy 129 x 152

Joel Reddy

As the Ambassador for the #knockoutGICancer campaign, ex- NRL player  Joel is going to Knock Out GI Cancer by raising awareness and encouraging everyone to reduce their personal cancer risk, by eating well, exercising and feeling fantastic.

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 naomi jennie roz

Naomi and Jennie Rankin

Naomi and Jennie are running in the Disney Princess Marathon in memory of much-loved Roz. Naomi’s advice to others with a loved one living with GI cancer is to  “let them know how much you love them”

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Will Andrews

Dr William Andrews

Will Andrews believes that without clinical trials his treatment for pancreatic cancer would have been very hit and miss and received excellent care from his oncology team.  Will is sharing his story to help others and give them hope.

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Robert Alford_129x186

Robert Alford

Robert Alford says belonging to his cycling group gives him something to to look forward to when he finishes a round of treatment. Diagnosed with GIST (Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour) in 2012, Robert is sharing his story in the hope that it will help others.

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Rachel and her father 3_feature

Rachael Livingstone

Rachel Livingston will take her Dad’s memory to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in November. Rachel’s father, John Livingston (pictured with Rachel on her wedding day), died last year from gallbladder cancer — after being diagnosed during a holiday with Rachel’s Mum.

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Jessica and Dylan

 Dylan and Jessica Insana

On July 26, 2015, the Insana siblings are daring to run the 10km Age Run Melbourne to push their limits and raise vital funds for GI cancer research in memory of their beloved Nonno Alberto. Nonno is Italian for grandfather and Jessica and Dylan’s Nonno passed away from bowel cancer in 2003.

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brandon dad_3

Brandon Grogan

In 2012, Brandon Grogan lost his Dad to pancreatic cancer. Brandon only had three short weeks to say goodbye to his Dad who was only 58 when he passed away.To mark GI Cancer Awareness Week and to remember his Dad, Brandon is giving up something he loves.

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Nikita and father_web

Nikita Valensize

By the time Nikita’s father was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread, operating was not an option.  Nikita is taking on the Age Run Melbourne and the Melbourne Marathon to support her Dad who is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. Nikita wants to raise funds for clinical trials and to make her Dad proud.

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Celeste and Kase Miller

Mick was an encouraging father and taught his children to play football at an early age. At last year’s Miller family annual sports/picnic day, the theme was to dress as your favourite sportsperson- and Mick arrived as his son (pictured). Two months later he suddenly passed away.

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Jilli Blackler

The former airline employee was first diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2000 at the age of 48 — it then spread to her lung and brain. She endured several operations including two craniotomies, and years of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But fifteen years later she has survived with her positive spirit intact.

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James Armstrong_feature

James Armstrong

GI cancer survivor James Armstrong is a veteran health professional. After undergoing surgery for bowel cancer in 2010, he has survived and is a committed advocate for health promotion. James also lost his father to a GI cancer and is keen to help others avoid the same fate.

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Grant and Branka beach_feature

Grant Baker

Diagnosed at 44 with oesophageal cancer, soon after his wife Branka was diagnosed with bowel cancer, small businessman Grant teamed up with his family to take the cancers head-on. After operations and months of therapy, Grant and Branka got back on their bikes and are cancer free.

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Heather and Kylie_6

Kylie Draper

Kylie Draper is again lacing up her shoes to run a marathon and fight GI cancer. Kylie is taking on the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon to support her Great Aunt and Godmother, Heather, who continues to give pancreatic cancer a run for its money.

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Belinda Witchell

In November 2015, Belinda Witchell is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a gutsy team of intrepid adventurers. Before heading to Africa, Belinda will raise $3,300.00 to fund life-saving clinical trials to help people living with GI cancers. Here is her story.

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Angela De Felice

Diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008 at the age of 25 while planning her wedding, Angela de Felice has been through an ordeal of surgery and chemotherapy but has pursued an active life including giving birth to two children.

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Dan Kent

In 2005, after 20 years of annual medical check-ups, Dan from Bundaberg in Queensland was diagnosed with rectal cancer. He was quickly transferred to Brisbane to receive treatment to fight the cancer. Ten years later, he’s now the Chair of the Australian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group’s (AGITG) Consumer Advisory Panel.

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gail personal stories thumbnail

Gail Smith

Gail has watched three family members suffer through gastro-intestinal cancer: her mother, father and mother-in-law. Gail gives regularly to the GI Cancer Institute. Our clinical trials give her hope for the future.

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Robyn small 129 x 194

Robyn Lindley

At 28 years of age with four-year-old daughter Emily and five-month-old son Jackson, getting a cancer diagnosis was tough. Robyn had just bought a hairdressing business with her husband Dave and was looking forward to fulfilling one of her life dreams.

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Judy Honor

As a mother of three young children living on a farm in rural Queensland, life should have been ideal. Unfortunately, at just 36, Judy was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. With her family sleeping by her hospital bed, Judy underwent extensive treatment, and won the battle. But her cancer journey didn’t end there.

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Robin Mitchell

Robin, from North Rocks, Sydney, prided himself on his healthy diet and active lifestyle and was stunned to receive a positive result from a bowel cancer screening test. Further tests found that he had bowel cancer and a tumour on both his kidney and liver. This marked the beginning of a year of surgery and chemotherapy to fight the cancer.

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Nick Goodall

Nine years ago Nick, a retired  Bowral farmer, was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. Clinically, the odds were against him, but Nick was one of the lucky ones. Eligible to undergo a new treatment regime that had been proven effective in a recent clinical trial  conducted  by  the AGITG, Nick is now clear of cancer.

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Joe Levin

In 2009, Joe from Bondi was diagnosed with bowel cancer. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, he is now clear of cancer, and is on a mission to raise awareness about GI cancers.

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Jan Mumford

At the age of just 36, Jan was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As an otherwise healthy  mother of three young children, she was shocked – but was determined to survive.  She persevered with the support of her family, and is now clear of cancer.

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Christine Bishop

Christine Bishop  

When Christine’s husband was diagnosed with a Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) in the stomach, they didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, targeted  therapy gave Alan another seven years – and they both became strong advocates for the benefits of medical trials.

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Peter Sauerberg

When Peter was diagnosed with both bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer at age 54, his doctor gave him a 30% chance of surviving. Now, ten years later, after participating in an AGITG clinical trial, Peter is celebrating the birth of his second granddaughter.

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Sylvana beach pic


Sylvana was only 37 when diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. A mother with three young boys, the possibility of not seeing them grow up was devastating. To this day, Sylvana has still not been able to tell her children she has cancer.

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Julie Marker Engage personal stories

Julie Marker  

“I was a fit, active 45 year old when first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001.   No family history or risk factors for any cancer… so it was quite a shock! A colonoscopy for investigation of anaemia was how I was diagnosed; I’d been feeling absolutely exhausted for a few months.”

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