Developing Our Research

The AGITG has a rich history of conducting practice-changing clinical trials and cutting-edge translational research. By conducting smaller scale pilot trials, we have the necessary evidence to support funding submissions to conduct large scale trials, thereby improving outcomes for people with gastro-intestinal cancer.

Our track record in publishing clinical trial research results and scientific outputs can be viewed here.

The AGITG research development strategy and prioritisation framework outline the process by which concepts progress from embryonic ideas to funded trials. Concepts are identified as a research priority for AGITG by the Working PartiesConsumer Advisory Panel and Scientific Advisory Committee.

Concepts that address the research priorities are particularly encouraged, however all concepts addressing clinical questions in GI cancer are considered.

We also partner with industry and collaborative organisations to further develop our research. Learn how you can develop research with us

We encourage investigators to bring research concepts forward through various avenues and opportunities offered by the AGITG.


Strategies for research development and collaboration

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