Translational Research

Developing translational research projects and pilot/feasibility studies to collect data for larger clinical trials is necessary to meet the challenges we face with lack of funding for large projects.

Many of the clinical trials in the AGITG portfolio collect tissue and blood samples from their patients. These samples are used in translational research studies to seek biomarkers. That is, biological flags that may help to select those patients most likely to benefit from a treatment, or to spare particular patients from harmful treatment.

Thirty-one AGITG clinical trials collect or have collected tissue and blood from patients. More than 80% of these trials have led to translational research studies. Work is progressing on many of these studies. Proposals using these patient samples undergo scientific review by the trial management committees, the Upper and Lower GI Working Parties, and the Scientific Advisory Committee.

For example, the joint AGITG-Canadian Cancer Trials Group Correlative Research Committee reviews proposals relating to the GI trial collaborations between AGITG and the Canadian Clinical Trials Group, including CO.17, CO.20 and CO.23. The translational research collaborations are with a broad mix of clinical and scientific researchers from Australia, New Zealand and overseas.