Annual Innovation Fund Grant

Our Innovation Fund grant has been awarded annually since 2015, and has grown from initially funding 2 projects, which each received $50,000, to one $200,000 grant awarded in 2017. With community support, through our Gutsy Challenge program, our hope is to continue this growth by building this fund so we can award 2 x $200,000 grants within the next few years.

“The AGITG Innovation Fund is an important step in the process to develop new clinical trials,” commented Professor Tim Price, Chair of the AGITG/GI Cancer Institute. “The Fund awards protocols that will build on our research programs and enables our members to accumulate the data required to approach funding bodies for a larger scale clinical trial.”

Previous Grant Recipients and Results

In 2015 the GI Cancer Institute awarded two $50,000 grants as part of our annual Innovation Fund round. The Innovation Fund was made possible through generous contributions from the Spencer Gibson Foundation, the His Honour Alan Bishop Fund and with donations raised through the support of many individuals who participated in the GI Cancer Institute’s Gutsy Challenge.

The two 2015 Innovation Fund Grants were awarded to:

Gastric Cancer Study

Prof John Mariadason, Dr David Lau and Associate Professor Niall Tebbutt to conduct a project titled: ‘Fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) family amplification and overexpression as biomarkers of Regorafenib response in gastric cancer’.

The research team looked at advanced stage gastric cancer and response to the drug Regorafenib, a drug currently used in the treatment of colorectal cancer.

The 2015 Innovation Fund grant enabled the research team to develop sufficient evidence to reference in a successful grant submission to the NHMRC for a three year project, titled The FGFR family as drivers and biomarkers of regorafenib response in gastric cancer.



DOCTOR Genomics Study

In 2015, Professor Barbour and co-investigators from the School of Medicine, The University of Queensland, were also awarded $50,000 from the GI Cancer Institute’s Innovation Fund, towards a translational study entitled the DOCTOR Genomics Study.

As an extension to the larger scale DOCTOR trial, the DOCTOR Genomics Study looked at the genetics of tumour samples collected from patients before starting therapy, to understand what are the genetic determinants of oesophageal cancer relapse and why some patients benefit from pre-operative therapy while many do not.



Since 2015 annual Innovation Fund grants have been awarded to the following recipients and studies. Updates on their progress will be provided upon completion:

2016 – Dr Matthew Burge – for MONARCC a study in to improved treatment options for advanced bowel cancer in elderly patients – READ MORE HERE

2017 – Prof. Chris Karapetis – for RENO (REctal cancer No Operation) a study in to improved treatment options for rectal cancer patients – READ MORE HERE


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