Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is the focal point for widespread discussion of research ideas. Its members, who are drawn from the AGITG and the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC), are experts in the fields of medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, biological research, quality of life research, statistics and study coordination.

The SAC’s key role is to determine the research priorities of the AGITG. The committee’s open dialogue leads to the development of a common language, interaction and commitment to trials by a broad range of medical specialists, allied health professionals and consumers.

SAC meetings foster a spirit of collaboration between a diverse group of people who share a common goal: to improve patient care through GI cancer clinical trials.

The AGITG Scientific Advisory Committee is supported by the AGITG-CTC Operations Executive Committee, particularly:

AGITG representatives: Russell Conley (Chief Executive Officer), Nisha Berthon-Jones (Clinical Research Manager) and Laura Carolan (Clinical Trials Assistant).

NHMRC CTC representatives: Ms Frances Daley (Research Development Manager).

Meet our SAC members



Dr Lorraine Chantrill
Medical Oncologist | AGITG Chair


Professor Tim Price
Medical Oncologist

Professor Niall Tebbutt
Medical Oncologist

Ms Jan Mumford
Chair, Consumer Advisory Panel

Dr Katrin Sjoquist
Medical Oncologist

Professor John Zalcberg
Medical Oncologist

Conjoint Professor David Goldstein
Medical Oncologist

Professor Mike Findlay
Medical Oncologist

Professor John Simes
Medical Oncologist

Professor Trevor Leong
Radiation Oncologist


Professor Andrew Kneebone
Radiation Oncologist

Professor Andrew Barbour
Surgeon (Upper GI)

Dr Dan Croagh
Surgeon (Hepato-Pancreo-Biliary)

Dr Andrew Stevenson
Surgeon (Lower GI)

Professor Val Gebski

Associate Professor Jeanne Tie
Medical Oncologist/Translational Clinician

Ms Katie Benton

Associate Professor Chris Hemmings

Professor Robert Ramsay
Translational Science

Mr Robin Mitchell
Deputy Chair, Consumer Advisory Panel