Joanne Cory

Joanne Cory Finance and Operations Manager

“I enjoy supporting our amazing and generous clinicians and researchers to improve patient outcomes in the GI cancer space, and value working with a dynamic and supportive team.”

We are lucky to have Joanne overseeing the financial and administration management of the GI Cancer Institute and AGITG.

Having spent the first part of her career as a Pharmacist, Jo found her way into finance after being offered a finance role within a philanthropic organisation working with disadvantaged young people and education, and couldn’t say no. She has always enjoyed working with numbers, and helping others understand what they mean. The opportunity to join the GI Cancer Institute and AGITG enabled Joanne to combine her two professional careers – health and finance.

On weekends, Jo is a busy unpaid taxi driver for her teenager, but can also be found tending to her bees and catching up with her friends.


P: 1300 666 769