Jodie Gonzalez Jennings Administration Coordinator

“What I like most about working here is observing the capacity that my colleagues, collaborators and consumers work to achieve better life outcomes for individuals and loved ones affected by cancer.”

Jodie brings her wealth of more than 25 years’ experience to our dedicated administration team who support the operations of the GI Cancer Institute and AGITG.

Operational support is something Jodie fell into naturally. Like a puzzle, she likes to look at the big picture then work out how all the small pieces come together to achieve it.

Having previously worked within the University of Sydney and NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, Jodie was familiar with our organisation when she saw the position advertised and jumped at the chance to join the team!

On weekends, Jodie can be found exploring the beach or mountains (depending on the season), catching up with loved ones, or working on her new hobby, upcycling!


P: 02 9562 5340