Nisha Berthon-Jones Clinical Research Manager

“I like to immerse myself in the research and the trials. I enjoy being part of a dynamic environment where there is potential to save lives.”

As the Clinical Research Manager, Nisha is responsible for supporting the AGITG research portfolio by facilitating the development of new concepts and implementation of new clinical trials. Nisha has a broad skill set with experience spanning academic, investigator-initiated, collaborative and commercial clinical research over 15 years.

Nisha joined the AGITG in 2018 to learn more about GI cancer clinical trials having lost family members and friends to pancreatic and neuroendocrine cancer. Nisha first gained an interest in clinical research when she participated in a medical device clinical trial called TruScreen as a component of her undergraduate double-degree, Bachelor of Medical Science/Bachelor of Business at UTS.

Having previously worked at Sydney Children’s Hospital and The Kirby Institute, Nisha’s interest in oncology is closely linked to her passion for working in areas where research has the potential to have a significant impact.

On the weekend, you can find Nisha with her young family having fun at the beach, on a bike ride or exploring on a bushwalk.


P: 1300 666 769