Banding together to fight stomach cancer

On July 16th Liam Wood, Mark Sanders and Cameron O’Neil are banding together to play music and raise funds at Degani Diamond Creek in memory of Liam’s father, Cliff Wood who passed away from stomach cancer last year. He was 63 years old.

“Dad came to every gig at Degani” says Liam, who played there regularly before his father was diagnosed. The gig, on July 16, marks the first time he’s performed live since his father’s diagnosis.

Cliff was diagnosed with stomach cancer after experiencing intense back pain, which as a tall man Liam says his father was used to, but this was different. “He was in a great deal of pain” states Liam. Cliff was diagnosed with stomach cancer that then “quickly metastasized to other parts of his body and eventually his brain. It became nasty very quickly and it was only a few short months from diagnosis until he passed away.”

Although he works for a Pathology company and comes across medical results every day, Liam says he “knew about cancer as a big, bad monster but I never thought about all the different types, so more awareness is definitely needed.”

As both Liam’s parents had always been supportive of his music, Liam knew this was the best way for him to raise awareness and honour his father. “We want to try to do our bit to remember Cliff and to play songs that he loved. He would always request songs that we didn’t really play but we’re going to throw a few in on the night,” says Liam.

On the night Liam hopes to have fun with family and friends, “We want to create something that Cliff would be proud of.”

The GI Cancer Institute fundraiser in memory of Cliff Wood will be held at 8pm Saturday 16 July, 2016 at Degani Diamond Creek 29-35 Chute St Diamond Creek, VIC. Entry is $5 with all funds going to the GI Cancer Institute, to find better treatments for stomach cancer. Further donations can be made at: or by calling 1300 666 769