Jessica and Dylan

Dylan and Jessica Insana

Dylan’s story:
On the 26th of July, my sister and I are taking on the Age Run Melbourne in memory of my Nonno Alberto, who passed away from bowel cancer in 2003. I’m currently studying sports management and working part time and even though I’m busy I want to raise awareness about GI cancers and to raise funds for clinical trials. To get ready for the race,  I’ve been doing some interval training as well as jogging at a nearby running track, playing tennis, going to the gym and have completed a few obstacle courses with my sister Jessica. It’s important to raise awareness of GI cancer because people need to know about it and understand the risks associated with it, as well as be able to prevent it, if possible. People need to know how prevalent it is in our community

Jessica’s story:
I’m working in aged care and studying nursing but I also wanted to do something to raise awareness about GI cancers and to remember by dear Nonno Alberto. Being a part of Australia’s younger generation, I feel that people my age should start thinking about life changing measures to implement to try to avoid GI cancers. I’m doing this marathon to increase my fitness and reduce my personal cancer risk as well as for Nonno. I’ve been training 3-4 times a week with a mix of interval training, strength training and jogging at my local running track as well as training with Dylan.We would like to promote awareness of GI cancers and donate money to fund research into treatments to extend the lives of those with cancer and to one day cure cancer. We are not the fittest people around but we are hopeful in achieving our goal!  By running together, Dylan and I can support and push each other and we will be thinking of Nonno the whole way.

To join Jessica and Dylan in the Age Run Melbourne or to donate in memory of Nonno, visit

Jessica and Dylan