Getting Gutsy Again

Trish Lawler and Alison Winkelmeier faced their first Gutsy Challenge in 2017.

They joined 15 other intrepid travellers for a week of roughing it on the Larapinta trail to raise awareness and funds for gastro-intestinal cancer research. Under the leadership of Dr Lorraine Chantrill, the Gutsy team raised over $100,000 for the AGITG Innovation Fund grant.

The Innovation Fund grant is awarded each year to fund a pilot study in gastro-intestinal cancer research.

In 2018 the grant was awarded to Professor Janette Vardy.

Receiving this grant has enabled her to conduct research into reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. This could enhance the quality of life for patients with advanced colorectal cancer and allow them to tolerate treatment for longer.

The Gutsy Challenge was a fantastic experience,” says Trish “To be able to raise money for such a good cause and then training and pushing myself to do the trek was very rewarding. Now I look back on it with a great sense of achievement”.

This year, Trish and Alison are once again proving just how Gutsy they are.

In September, they will trek 135km of the Cape to Cape track in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in Western Australia. Again under the leadership of Lorraine Chantrill, Trish and Alison, along with the seven other Gutsy Challengers, will trek the WA coastline for a week.

All funds raised from this trek will also support the next Innovation Fund grant.

Since 2015, fundraising from our Gutsy Challenges has helped to fund clinical trials focused on advanced colorectal cancer, renal cancer, advanced bowel cancer in the elderly, oesophageal tumour biology and gastric cancer.  You can read more about the Innovation Fund here.

The 2019 recipient of the Innovation Fund will be announced at the AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting in August. There are still a few spots available on the Gutsy Challenge Cape to Cape trek – to register your interest click here.

To make a donation to support Trish and Alison, you can click here.