Nick Goodall

Nick Goodall

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. Clinically, the odds were against me. I had total uncertainty about the future. I accepted that at 65 I’d done a lot more than I’d ever do in the future, because I had more time in my life behind me than ahead, but I wasn’t ready for my life to be taken away by cancer.

Fear begins to dominate your cancer journey. Cancer is scary and complex. But it’s important to face your fears and share them with your carers and medical professionals. We are frightened of the things we don’t understand. Trust the people you share your fears with and feed from their strengths. Recognise their desire for you to be well again and how they want to give to you in whatever way they are able. And be honest with them so they can share your journey.

Upon reflection, I also feel that the power of positive thought is the leading tool that helps make a cancer journey easier to bear. It has an input that cannot be over-emphasised.

I was lucky in that I was eligible to undergo a new treatment regime that had been proven effective in a recent AGITG clinical trial. It was called the MAGIC treatment. Undergoing this treatment meant that I’m now clear of cancer. I’m six years from diagnosis and treatment, so it is my presumption that I’m cured. It’s fantastic, wonderful!

I personally know how important clinical trials are for saving the lives of cancer patients. All the medical discoveries of modern science have been as a result of these kinds of trials. Embrace them with an open heart and an open mind, don’t hesitate, and make yourself available.