Carolyn and Bill on the great River Road (Mississippi) in Louisiana

Remembering a ‘Modern Renaissance Man’

William (Bill) Hauff was a one of a kind man who could be described as curious, intelligent, humorous and above all, authentic. He was in many ways a ‘Modern Renaissance Man’ whose easy going style disguised his extensive knowledge of a diverse range of topics and interests, ranging from metallurgical engineering, opera, Leonardo da Vinci, photography, writing travel books and even Peter Pan.

In 2019, four days before a return cruise from Hawaii, Bill started to feel unwell. Three days later he was admitted to the Gold Coast Private Hospital where he was diagnosed with advanced cancer of caecum (in the colon) and in the liver. With the care of his remarkable and skilled oncologist, Dr Marco Matos, he engaged in a two-year battle with GI cancer.

On his daily walks in the apartment garage, Bill greeted his fellow residents with a ‘hello’, smile or a wave. When the chemo treatments failed, Bill continued to live each day as a gift. He was grateful for the support of his loving family and friends, especially those who kept in close contact and came to see him during his last few months.

In 1970, Carolyn met Bill through competitive ballroom dancing where they competed against each other. It was their shared interests outside of dancing that lead to a strong friendship. Bill was outgoing, outspoken, funny and confident. For over 48 years, Bill was Carolyn’s best friend, loving husband, soul mate and the most interesting man she ever met. They shared a passion for the finer things of life and travel, visiting around 70 countries together.

Sadly on 23 July 2021 at the age of 74, after a wonderful, adventurous and enjoyable life, Bill said his final goodbyes but has left happy memories that will stay with his family and friends for a lifetime.  These memories will bring a smile to their faces when remembering him.

To honour Bill’s memory and to celebrate the life he lived, his family and friends created an “In Memory” donation page to raise vital funds for GI cancer research, to help find better treatment options for future generations diagnosed with GI cancer

Carolyn Hauff would like to acknowledge the efforts of Bill’s caring medical team led by Dr Matos and assisted by Dr Sid and Dr Walker and the exceptional nursing staff who ensured Bill passed peacefully and on his own terms. ‘Bill fought to live but wasn’t afraid to die.’

“When Bill wanted to do something, his motto was ‘Do it now’ and that is how he lived life to the fullest,” says Carolyn.

Our thoughts are with Carolyn and the Hauff family during this difficult time. We are so grateful for their support to help fund research into clinical trials that can save future generations.

Photo: Carolyn and Bill on one of their many adventures together along the Mississippi, Louisiana. 

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