Running 42km in Bendigo

In December 2018 Michaela’s mother Joy sadly passed away after a 2.5 year battle with Cholangiocarcinoma – a rare and aggressive form of bile duct cancer.

Not long after that her family experienced another devastating loss, as her grandmother Wilma, (her father’s mother) was also diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma. She passed away in June 2020.

During our initial conversation with Michaela she commented “Our family are so grateful for the help and support that the GI Cancer Institute has provided our mother, grandmother and family over the past few years, and I would like to raise much needed funds and awareness for such a silent killer.”

With the support of Michaela’s amazing co-workers at the Bendigo Osteopathic Clinic, she initially planned to do a full marathon in the Great Ocean Road Running festival in Victoria scheduled for early in 2020. Her goal was to raise much needed funds for bile duct cancer research in memory of her mother and grandmother. But due to COVID restrictions, the event was postponed and then eventually cancelled.

This didn’t deter Michaela in the slightest. She was determined to the reach the finish line, even if she had to go solo!

On Sunday 23rd August, Michaela completed her 42km run in Bendigo during stage 3 restrictions. Luckily enough, outdoor exercise was allowed.

Although running alone, Michaela had the full support of her family, friends and colleagues behind her and successfully raised over $6,500!

We can’t thank Michaela enough for her fantastic efforts supporting the GI Cancer Institute and future research in to better treatments for Cholangiocarcinoma and bile duct cancer patients.

To support new critical research in to improved treatments for GI cancers, like bile duct cancer, please click here to donate (all donations are directed to research and no matter their size do make a difference – providing much needed hope for those diagnosed).