Terry’s Challenge for Gerry

In 2022, Terry Golledge will be taking on an epic stair race in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps, in memory of his wife Gerry, who sadly passed away from stomach cancer in 2010.

After Gerry’s passing, Terry decided to take on a physical challenge each year to raise vital funds for cancer research.

As a result of life continuing, I made the decision to do these challenges. It is my opportunity to spend a day with Gerry and to honour the strength and courage she showed all of us,” says Terry.

“Anyone with cancer must experience a real physical and mental challenge and so my challenges have to be extremely hard to do, if not impossible.”

And near impossible is exactly what Terry will be doing next June, while raising funds to help improve treatment options for GI cancer patients.

The Niesen Treppenlauf is an annual event in Switzerland where participants climb the world’s longest staircase as fast as possible. Not only is it long, but the Mt Niesen stair climb consists of 11,650 very steep stairs travelling over 3.5km with an average gradient of 55 degrees.

Only 500 people are chosen to compete each year and Terry and his trainer Mel Murphy were lucky enough to be amongst those selected for 2022.

“There is an opportunity here to help others by firstly, fundraising and raising awareness and secondly, by relating my experience to others to show them that there is light ahead.”

After 35 incredible years together, Terry and Gerry only had five-short weeks left after Gerry’s diagnosis.

“I believe it is the responsibility of those left behind to honour and respect those we have lost by being the best we can. I can think of nothing more important than helping others.”

“I have chosen the GI Cancer Institute due to its research into gastro-intestinal cancers, which of course, took Gerry from us. It has also taken young friends like Julian and it was his story and journey that inspired me to choose this charity.”

The anthem ‘You will never walk alone’ speaks volumes about the human spirit. For those with a life-threatening illness – having someone with them on the journey is so important. We may not be able to feel the pain, but we can hold their hand and show them that they were special and loved right to the end.”

You can support Terry’s Mt Niesen challenge by clicking here.

In the case of COVID-19 international travel restrictions, Terry’s registration to the Mt Niesen Stair Climb will be moved to 2023 and he has committed instead, to run up 11,600 stairs in the Q1 building on the Gold Coast.