Trekking to Kozi to Beat Stomach Cancer

Lyn Ewart is a survivor of stomach cancer. In March 2021 she will be celebrating with her husband Tony by taking part in the Mt Kosciuszko Gutsy Challenge along with a group of 60 other GI cancer patients, their families and medical professionals.

Lyn decided to take on this Gutsy Challenge to help turn a negative experience into a positive one.

In 2019 Lyn’s last tumour was removed but throughout 2020 she experienced a number of complications, including sepsis, and was transferred to Melbourne from her countryside home near the VIC/NSW border.

Lyn first discovered she had GIST (Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumour) two weeks before her son’s wedding. With so much happening around her, Lyn was in denial and refused to speak about it until after the wedding.

“The removal of the 6.5cm tumour was key hole and easy, compared to what was to face me in the months ahead. Pathology showed cells remaining in the margins which lead to reconstruction of the stomach/lower oesophagus. A few weeks later I got sepsis, which was the hardest to deal with.”

“All this went on as COVID-19 took hold and that was a whole other layer to my treatment. It was quite frightening and isolating not having visitors and spending weeks away from my home”

After many struggles Lyn has come out the other end with an altered outlook on life, “I have realised that if you don’t have your health – everything else is insignificant and I’ll never take my health for granted.”

Lyn with grandaughter
Lyn with grandaughter

Lyn’s first grandchild was born in September 2020 and that was her incentive to get fit and healthy, “this challenge has ticked all the boxes for me and is something my husband and I can do together as a team. I’m looking forward to meeting other people that may have an experience like mine and learning more about the research that’s being done.”

“I feel so lucky to have got through this cancer experience and I want to give back, create awareness and hopefully raise money that will help save someone else from going through this.”

We wish Lyn and Tony all the best in their training for the big trek! You can donate to their fundraising page here: